Order your food for HOME or OFFICE easily and quickly through the Bolt, Tazz and Glovo platforms. As we have always taken care of our customer and thought about his comfort, the delivery time of the orders is 30-50 min guaranteed by the partners. Personal fleet delivery services are no longer available. We assure you that the authentic and traditional taste, the one we're used to, will be found in every dish, whether you serve it in a restaurant or takeaway. For relations with restaurants:

1. La Placinte Afi 0756.207.005

2.La Placinte Stefan 0 755 055 623

3. La Placinte Unirii 0 745 066 296

4. La Placinte Ion Mihalache 0743110040

WHERE DO WE DELIVER? You can consult the interactive map below to see the delivery areas of the partners we work with Glovo, Bolt and Tazz whose suppliers will deliver your orders, the areas are dynamic and can be reduced depending on certain parameters (congestion, weather conditions, availability suppliers etc.) After that you are just a step away from your favorite dishes! It is also possible to order with pickup from the restaurant, from all partner platforms. Or if you call directly to the restaurant, be aware that the prices at partners differ!!! Important Note At the Bolt partner, you can pay by online payment only. Both cash and online payments are available at the Tazz partner. Both cash and online payments are available at the Glovo partner. Delivery schedule: MONDAY-SUNDAY, 10:00 - 21:30.



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